Be a leader in construction durability with our expert guidance.

Inconmat focus is on proven long-term solutions for concrete infrastructure that demands durability with a specifically targeted product range of fully engineered, highly durable, and sustainable systems for concrete infrastructure.

All the products and systems that we supply or recommend are environmentally sustainable, they represent long-term term revenue on the built infrastructure both economically and ecologically.

We understand the complex challenges, dynamic risks, and compliance issues that high value and indeed all projects face, especially when using materials not familiar to practising engineers. Our specialized design engineers will work closely with all engineers to obtain clear and practical knowledge transfer.

The long-term commitment by Inconmat as an industry leader designing and delivering engineered GFRP reinforcing solutions in demanding environments, some world firsts,  places you in good hands.

Our service doubles down and focuses on the processes required to effectively use cutting-edge materials and align them to Australian Standards for best project outcomes.

Yes, we sell products, but we also understand in-depth the multiple restraints that are faced by designers especially when considering a product not familiar.

Recognising this, we have moved to a position of a total integrated supply chain, being there with you from concept to completion.

Inconmat is accessible for early-stage engagement with asset owners, consultants, planners, and designers so that highly durable and environmental best outcomes can be both explored and achieved for the given project right at the start using proven materials that deliver on value. It’s down to knowledge, experience, and expertise.

We work closely with all parties involved in a stepwise approach. All options are carefully and holistically considered as not one product or system can be all things to all situations.

The combined experience of our internal and external networks of engineering professionals will bring your project to the forefront of excellence in a world that is demanding superior long-term durable performance with low or zero OPEX and long-term CO2 reduction.

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We empower you to make smart decisions when it comes to the durability of high value infrastructure construction projects.

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