Designing and delivering durability and sustainability that cannot be achieved with traditional building materials.

innovation(noun); innovations(plural noun)
The action or process of innovating.

“Innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organisation and or society”

Through Inconmat, our clients take advantage of years of constant innovation with a range of next-generation construction solutions.

How do we do it?

We are constantly undertaking R&D activities both in-house and with leading Australian Universities, to investigate how GFRP reinforcing materials can be used to reinforce existing infrastructure. Pre-cast products and systems, culverts, piles, power poles, jetty planks, boat ramp planks, pontoons, and connection systems can all be reinforced with only GFRP reinforcing.

We continue in ongoing research and development so you don’t have to. Working closely with Australian universities to funding better products for a better tomorrow.

It is very rewarding working with future engineers knowing they now enter into their professional lives with practical design skills and applied knowledge to GFRP reinforcing.

We train leading engineers how to design with these durable materials for infrastructure, applying our knowledge and experience from Research and Development

We are proud partners/developers in collaboration with AEDA pushing boundaries for the world’s first-ever design program that complies with international standards.

Watch this place. “Dream Engineering” Providing Innovative GFRP Structural Solutions.

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We empower you to make smart decisions when it comes to the durability of high value infrastructure construction projects.

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