Knowledge Sharing

For durability and sustainability that cannot be achieved with traditional building materials.

For over 12 years, Inconmat have been assisting both designers and asset owners as to why GFRP rebar can be used in many applications, including how to design and certify in compliance with the National Construction Code in Australia using international design codes and material standards specific.

It is encouraging to witness leading design engineers and asset owners of high value concrete assets investing resources to gain the knowledge and skill to take advantage GFRP reinforcing that solves the corrosion of concrete assets at the root cause.

The journey to date has been shared by many (engineers and asset owners) it has allowed us all to gain detailed and valuable knowledge assuring the decision to reinforce concrete with only code compliant FRPs is well backed by science with more than 20+ years of successful projects that are all performing as intended.

Our technical team(s) have supported many engineers, designing in collaboration, which as lead to the delivery of many projects with GFRP reinforcing in Australia.
Proud to say a number of world firsts

Our commitment is to support via knowledge sharing/connecting people and organisations to the all and any resources required that will assist across all aspects of FRP reinforcing for best practise and project outcomes.


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We empower you to make smart decisions when it comes to the durability of high value infrastructure construction projects.

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