• Scope of Work

    Specified for total Leak-free Car Park

  • Product

    CWS 100 Bio-Chemical Modified Silicate

  • Project Size

    1,300 sq meters

  • Total Project Value

    100 million

Adelaide Airport

Trafficable Membrane

Adelaide is well known as the city of churches is one of the most beautiful in Australia. This quickly expanding city is also expanding facilities at the international airport.

The new multi-level car park experienced some unusual extreme winds during curing of the rooftop car park slab dried the concrete too quickly causing excess cracking (some extending through the thickness of the slab). The Consultants Wallbridge & Gilbert tested several products with all but one failing – CWS 100. In addition, it was the only one to be able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Ensuring that all cracks are sealed and a 100% watertight trafficable deck was the result. All parties involved are now more than happy with the results

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