• Scope of Work

    Specified for design life with no Concrete Cancer

  • GFRP Products

    Reinforcing straight, bends & ligatures

  • Total Metres Used

    24,678 Metres

  • Project Value

    $7.8 Million

Whyalla Jetty

Jetty Planks Reinforced with GFRP

The Whyalla Council chose to use a reinforcement made from a high strength fiber (GFRP) rather than steel which helps to reduce the possible rusting components that are highly susceptible to the marine environment. This is how our jetty achieves its 80-year life. This new jetty will not suffer from concrete cancer.

Marine structures such as Jetties, seawalls, water breaks, artificial reefs, floating marine docks, and buildings near water systems are very sensitive to chlorides or sea salt which can easily damage concrete structures reinforced with steel rebar. Therefore, engineers prefer to use corrosion-free and superior-in-strength fiberglass rebar which is completely impervious to corrosion. GFRP fiberglass rebar is a superior quality product designed to be
used in marine applications. Completely protected against chloride ions, our GFRP products, rock bolts, lifting anchors, and GFRP rebar are also superior in tensile strength

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