Renewable Energy / Biogas

Waste to Energy Biogas Octaform Anaerobic Tanks

Inconmat provides services for Biogas producers.

Feasibility studies assessing available organic waste materials. Evaluation of biomethane potential, establishing techno-economic models for energy generation and biofertilizer (digestate).  Assisting in implementing full-scale commercial waste to energy plants.

Part or full construction contractor services.

Corrosion resistance is just one reason to build with us. It’s not often that you can build a superior tank whilst saving money. It’s the only patented option that both forms and protects your tank in one step.

In an anaerobic digestion system, cracks and leaks are not only a nuisance-they represent escaping profits. The biogas produced by the anaerobic digestion plant is composed of combustible gases, methane, carbon dioxide, water, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia that make the biogas very corrosive.

The patented co-extruded PVC wall forming system is both water and gas-tight, protecting the contents of your valuable asset in Anaerobic production.

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