Restoration involves returning a structure to its former state.

Concrete subjected to harsh environments in marine, sewer, biogas and other chemical applications often require attention to bring the structure back to original if not better conditions

Octaform’s Restoration and Repair systems include solutions for the repair of existing compromised concrete structures. Using a variety of connection methods, tailored to meet a project’s geometric constraints, Octaform Restoration and Repair can be provided as both structural and non-structural jacketing for compromised concrete and rebar.

The conditions that most aggressively degrade concrete columns can also pose the biggest obstacles to any repair. If unchecked, corrosion can lead to major structural issues. Octaform provides a modular stay-in-place solution that allows easy concrete replacement. Aside from the dramatic aesthetic improvement, the rehabilitated structure will have decades of protection to allow the structure to remain in service for years to come.

Octaform ColumnArmor™ to restore concrete pillars and columns

ColumnArmor ™ is an innovative jacketing system for revitalizing concrete columns. It is very easy to install, protects from the elements, and reduces the amount of maintenance required on the structure

ColumnArmor features the following:

  • Flexible corner bracing that upholds form and fits precisely
  • Corners that can be made to fit any size and shape of pillar or column
  • Flexible standoff to help stabilize the structure
  • A PVC Jacket that protects concrete from corrosion

Push on WallArmor

Using a unique push-on connection method, the system can be tailored to meet a project’s physical location restrictions. The stay-in-place PVC panels protect the new concrete and steel from all corrosive elements greatly enhancing the lifespan of the structure versus conventional methods.

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