Waste Water Containment

Inconmat has sourced products for your wastewater containment that are sustainable with long-lasting durability

Which can be applied in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications

Extending infrastructure life is sustainable is what we do at Inconmat. With Today’s modern materials that are tested and proven to perform, dramatically extending the life cycles of infrastructure projects not previously possible. Building these structures right the first time


Octaform forms and protects your concrete tank with a food-grade, potable water-certified, PVC. This built-in PVC membrane creates a watertight barrier between your tank walls and their contents, protecting your concrete from corrosion, cracking, and subsequent leaks.

Octaform not only forms and protects your water and waste tanks – it does it in one step. The finish and insulation are built-in, eliminating the need for liners, cladding, or sealants.

GFRP Reinforcing

Concrete Water tanks reinforced with steel reinforcing in treatment plants are common.

While the Concrete has high compressive strength, it has limited tensile strength and requires reinforcing to overcome this. When Concrete tanks are exposed to certain conditions like constant humidity combined with mild temperature and aggressive chemicals, it becomes susceptible to oxidation.

Corrosion of the rebar occurs, the concrete cannot perform under these conditions. This is when concrete will crack leading to the deterioration of the steel rebar

GFRP will never rust or corrode inside of concrete, eliminating concrete corrosion for good, no ongoing maintenance, expensive membranes, or increased concrete cover.

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